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For Our Retailers & Sellers in tellaW Community
tellaW is able to grow your retail business by
* Expand your brandings from local users to overseas clients.
* Provide sufficient propaganda.
* A multi-channel way of payment with high speed and instant transaction.
* Save your time on online network maintenance and propaganda.
* Broaden your overseas market and expand your business network.
* A professional marketing and management team will help you to promote your business and brandings.
Superb Deals for our Retailers / Sellers
To encourage all business partners to join our community, we give you FREE Trail for the FIRST 3 months.
Service includes:
Design of Mobile platform.
IT maintenance Fee.
Free Promotion Platform at Hot Deal / Voucher.
Free Promotion Platform on Money Tree.
Ready for growing your business and sell your products to the global market?     Free Join
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