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We are active in the market and we love to see you there!
2014 Dragon Boat Festival at Salford
We were the biggest sponsor company for Manchester Dragon Boat Festival in 2014. We gave out more than 100 rice cakes (a Chinese traditional food for Dragon Boat Festival) that day!
Chinese Spring Festival 2015

tellaW launched campaigns on Nottingham and Leicester CSSA New Year Gala respectively in 2015. During these events, from tickets design, raffle, to gift sponsor, tellaW staff provide service of all the process.

Via these campaigns, user experience has been increased. Audiences purchased event tickets based on tellaW’s platform. In addition, most of tellaW’s functions have been introduced to audiences, such as Hot Vouchers, Cash Back, and Cross-National Mobile Mall etc.

At the end of these event, there are more than 1000 new users have been activated and around 600 event tickets have been sold through tellaW and over 400 gifts have been sponsored by tellaW.

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