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tellaW is an integration of multi-functional mobile application. Features includes:
Mobile Mall
a. Mobile Mall covers a wide range of industries, including restaurants, entertainment, travels, commodities, supermarkets and real estates, etc.
b. Mobile Mall includes online and offline shops.
c. Nearby search function helps users to find the nearby retailers instantly.
d. Wallet shops are easy for users to access and convenient for retailers to set up their own stores.
e. Backend server is maintained continuously to make sure that everything runs smoothly.
Promote Hot Deal / Voucher for online & offline stores.
a. Hot Vouchers shows the most popular shops with the latest discount and cashback for the users.
b. Money Tree, another promotion platform, gives away the promotion deals with “hope” and “fun” for the users. Every hour, users can shake their phone for three times to receive some exclusive promotional deals (which are listed in ‘Hot vouchers’ section).
c. Vouchers are able to be sold or exchanged between users on the vouchers platform.
Mobile Payment
a. Functions include add fund, make payment, cash back and cash withdraw.
b. Above functions can be done between users or companies via: Mobile Number, E-mail, Two-dimensional Code Scanning (QR Code), and Credit card transaction.
Currency Exchange
a. Users can exchange currencies (CNY vs GBP) anytime and anywhere.
b. Exchange rate of both currencies will be updated on a daily bases.
c. Great exchange rate for global users.
Compares to other mobile application
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